Social Bookmarking Marketing

Social bookmarking involves submitting web addresses to bookmarking sites where people can find and visit them. On most such sites people vote on submitted pages, and the ones with the most votes are featured on the front page or on other top lists for a period of time.

The main benefit of bookmarking sites will be traffic and inbound links. You will be getting a one-way link on a high traffic site where you control the anchor text. A small percentage of the traffic sent from the bookmarking sites may also spread the link around to other sites and people if it is valuable or interesting enough.

Bookmarking Sites

Here is a list of some of the major social bookmarking sites.

Submitting interesting Content pages or link bait to the top social bookmarking sites can be a simple way to temporarily boost traffic to those pages. A time-saving online tool for this is Social Poster, which allows you to automatically submit a page to all of the large social bookmarking and networking sites.

Getting to the Front Page

To receive large amounts of traffic from bookmarking sites, you need to reach their front page. On most social bookmarking sites, this can only be achieved within 24 hours of submitting a page. Within this time you need to receive a significant amount of votes to get on and stay on the front page.

If you submit a great piece of content you may reach the front page naturally. However, to reach it consistently you will need to give your submission an initial boost with the help of some bookmarking friends. These are people that agree to vote on each other every time one of them submits a post. Some 15 votes in the first hour after your submission should get the ball rolling. To reach the front page of Digg you may need as many as 50 votes within a couple of hours. In addition to having a great piece of content and receiving the initial votes, you will also need a catchy headline and a short well-thought out description that maximizes your click-through rate.

Keep in mind that the traffic spike will only last until your listing rolls off the front page and any other top lists. Social bookmarking traffic tends to have low conversion rates, so they may not earn you much money or provide many back links. Thus, I would not recommend spending too much time on these sites that could otherwise be spent on making content or directly marketing your site.