Donation Income – Using PayPal for Donations

First Monetization Strategy – Donations

The first and easiest monetization strategy is to accept donations. If you provide quality content for free you can allow people to support your work in this way. You simply embed a donation button onto a clearly visible section of your website. The most common method of accepting donations online is through PayPal. Another interesting way to receive donations is through the micro donation system Flattr.

Increasing Donations

To increase the amount of donations you receive, be sure to give people a reason for donating, by explaining how the money will be used. You can also include a progress bar that displays how much money you have received, and how much more you will need to reach a set goal. Make sure to ask for donations in prominent locations on your site.


As you may expect this monetization strategy provides the least amount of cash flow and the income is very sporadic. Unless you are running a charity site or have traffic levels like Wikipedia, I advise you not to spend too much time trying to get people to donate, and instead focus your efforts on other more profitable monetization strategies.

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